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CO2 Laser Tube - EFR F2 80W Max 95W - USA Texas Stock- 1250mm Laser Engraver 7000hrs

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We offer original CO2 EFR F2 Laser tubes from a warehouse based in Houston, TX. F2 model Laser tube gives you an up to 7000 work hours. The power range of this CO2 laser tube is 80W (Outer Power)- 95W (Max power). Comparing with similar laser tubes, the body length of the F2 laser tube is shorter, the laser beam mode performs better and the cutting speed is much higher.
  • High-quality beam (allows you to cut faster and with cleaner results)
  • Pre Installed wires (Makes it easy to install) much easier than other suppliers
  • Tested for up to standards performance 
  • Long life
  • Low operation cost
  • The fastest shipping comes from the USA Texas warehouse. (most suppliers ship from China and it takes too long to arrive)


•The discharge glass tube body is imported from Germany. The laser beam mode is up to TEM00. The power is stable. It is competitive for industrial applications.

• Power: The power is 30% higher than other laser tubes with the same length.

• Lifetime: The catalyst coating on the discharge tube with unique electrode processing makes the laser output is more stable, avoids power weaken during long time working.


Model Length (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Output Power (W)

Max Power (W) Current (mA)




1250 80 80
Yes 7000 hours


A laser tube is a dangerous tool. It is a class 4 laser. It requires installation by professionals. Our company has no responsibility for damages done to you or your property since we only selling a tube and installation will be done by the buyer side. 



- Non adhesive, strong mylar stencil material.
- Cut to order with materials made in the USA
- Easy-to-install and paint over
- Can be applied to smooth to slightly-textured surfaces
- Reusable stencil

What You Get:
- Stencil
- Instruction

We ship with USPS (Priority) and (First Class) mail.

For the USA customers we offer next options for shipping:
REGULAR Shipping - (1- 3 business days shipping) + ( 1-5 days transit time)

For International customers we offer next options for shipping:
REGULAR Shipping - (1-3 business days shipping) + (7-40 days transit time)


In addition, sizes can be changed upon request.
Contact us for pricing for size adjustments

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