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Lotus Flower Wall Stencils- Set Of 3 Flower Stencils- Wall Stencils

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With a Set of Large Lotus Flower Stencils you will create a gorgeous accent on a wall in any room! Super easy to use! Will be a great choose for beginner stencillers and professionals. Comes as a 3 different Lotus flower stencils.

In Egyptian mythology, the Lotus was a symbol of fertility and rebirth.
Eastern tradition uses the lotus to refer to three stages in the spiritual growth of a person: ignorance, an attempt to overcome it and a new understanding.
In Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes wisdom and nirvana.

Stencil sizes:

1) 22.5" x 23.75 (57.15cm x 60.4cm)

2) 15" x 26.5" (38.1cm x 67.3cm)

3) 16" x 25" (40.7" x 63.5")

NOTE: This is a reusable stencils and not a wall decals or stickers. You can paint as much surface as you want with this single stencil (see the last image for the measurements)

Also you can buy each stencil from kit separately:

1) Lotus Flower Stencil- Wall Stencil With Lotus Flower

2) Lotus Flower Wall Stencil- Floral Wall Stencils

3) Awesome Lotus Wall Stencil- Floral Wall Stencils




- Non adhesive, strong mylar stencil material.
- Cut to order with materials made in the USA
- Easy-to-install and paint over
- Can be applied to smooth to slightly-textured surfaces
- Reusable stencil

What You Get:
- Stencil
- Instruction

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In addition, sizes can be changed upon request.
Contact us for pricing for size adjustments

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