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About Us

We at StencilsLAB located in Austin, TX are dedicated to producing premium wall stencils, floors and furniture painting stencils for both professional designers and DIY decorators. Finding our inspiration in the timeless styles of yesteryear as well as staying relevant with the latest trends in interior design with a wall stencil, we make it our job to offer you a superior product at an affordable price so your projects turn out with the finest caliber artistry and finesse. Our reusable wall stencils are made from sturdy, high-quality materials that make it fast and efficient to paint walls, decorating furniture, fabrics painting, and even floors stenciling with professional-grade results. An excellent alternative to wallpaper, our interior stencils eliminate the hassle and mess of installation, cut hefty costs, and are ideal for apartment and rental living. It has never been easier to customize your interior without permanent or expensive renovations. Unleash your creativity with our unique, diverse wall stencil designs and experiment with color to transform your blank canvas into an inspired space that represents you- the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!
Looking for more? You can also contact us to request custom stencils for your next project!
To get in touch, send us an inquiry at and let us know how we can help bring your ideas to life. Let's create something together!
Wishing you inspiration and all of the best, StencilsLab Team
Our stencils are also available on Etsy. You can look up our reviews there: