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      Need a custom design? We are here for you!

      We have a great experience of working with other artists, and we've created a large amount of Custom Stencils. From lettering to highly detailed multi-layered designs, you name it! We can create the design from your recommendations or cut it form artwork that you will provide us with.

      Use a CUSTOM MADE button to create a quote for your stencil.
      Just simply fill up all the information, you can also add an image of your sketch, artwork file or picture that you have taken with your camera (12 MB limit. If you have larger file send it to info@stencilslab.com)

      Then press ADD to cart button and go through the checkout process. It's free, and we will not ask for your card information.
      We will contact you, and we will give you all the information about price, sizing and application instruction for your custom stencil.
      Just give us a shout, and together we will create something unique!