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      All sizes (S, M, L) have the same pattern size, and the difference is only between the overall stencil sheet size.

      S- size is the best for furniture painting and small/tight areas. Also, people often choose this stencil as an addition to M or L, because it is the most comfortable size to work with beneath the ceiling or tight spaces.

      M-size is the most common choice.

      L-size is made for the preferably large areas and makes it possible to cover the largest area at one time. This size better to choose if you have experience in stenciling.

      To finish your project faster and having a backup stencil to cut or bend it to paint corners or tight spaces, we recommend having 2 copies of the stencil.



      Listed size (16", 30", 48", etc) refers to the size of the actual stencil (cut out portion) from the top to the bottom. The stencil sheet will be slightly larger because of the borders around the actual stencil.


      Listed size (6", 12", 20", etc) refers to the size of the main pattern of the particular tile stencil. The stencil sheet will be slightly larger because of the additional cutouts around the main pattern that are made for the easiest calibration. See the last image in the listing for a better understansing.


      The last image in each listing in our shop contains the image that shows the dimensions of the chosen stencil design.


      For the international customers 1 inch = 2.54cm


      If you have any other questions, you can Contact Us
      Also, we always can create a CUSTOM STENCIL for you!