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We want to talk about why we – StencilsLAB – are promoting the use of wall stencils for decorating.

There’s a Russian expression: “Everything new is the well-forgotten old…”, And it rings true in this case. The use of wall stencils for wall and interior décor goes back to antiquity, as far back as the days of the ancient Romans, and in China, the art of stenciling has existed for well over 1,500 years.

Over the centuries, there have not been many significant changes to stenciling methods and techniques, but as technology has progressed, we have seen many improvements in the quality of materials that stencils are made from and improvements in the quality and diversity of pigments and tools as well- brushes, sponges, rollers, etc.

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Our stencils are durable tools ideal for a wide range of decorating projects, starting with more traditional applications on walls, and expanding to other surfaces like floors, ceilings, furniture, and even exteriors.

Floor Stencil - Tile Stencil - Floor Stencil StencilsLAB

Ceiling Stencil Medallion - Original And Unique Wall Stencil - Reusable Stencil

What kind of features can you expect from a stencil from StencilsLab?

  • Durability (multiple uses) – StencilsLab fabricates stencils from a durable polyester material which makes them suitable for multiple applications.

  • Variety of designs – Our studio designers have created well over 200 unique designs under a wide range of themes – from classic Damascus styles to mandalas of the Far East, to modern geometric patterns to match the modern architecture. We stay on top of current decorating trends creating one-of-a-kind designs, some of which have been popular for many years among professional decorators and hobbyists.

  • Affordable pricing – This is a feature that will certainly be to everyone’s liking. With correct use, one stencil will give you the ability to cover large areas, and you can even get a fresh look with the same stencil for other projects by merely changing up the color palette.

  • A wide range of applications – The material of all our stencils will not only work for typical applications to walls, but also for decorating floors, furniture, swimming pools, ceilings, and exteriors.

We could go on for some time expounding on the great features and advantages of using our stencils, but we think that you should take the opportunity to find out for yourself! Choose a color palette, get into a creative mood, pick a suitable stencil design, and start creating something remarkable. Also, please remember, if for some reason you can’t find a stencil design to suit your taste, we offer the option of creating a completely custom stencil with your custom design.

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Create beautifully with StencilsLab!


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