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Decorating with Wall Stencil or Decal. Which one to choose?

Posted by Oleksandr Bovtenko on

To us, your walls are an empty canvas full of infinite potential!
With our wall stencils, StencilsLAB creates simple solutions with outstanding results to transform bare walls into a personalized living space that resembles you!

But before we get started wall stencils or decals? Take this into consideration to find out the optimal way to re-vamp your room:

Wall Stencils


- Choose any color that you would like your patterns to be- you can even paint different areas of the wall stencil in different colors!

- Our removable stencils make it easy to cover walls with a single wall stencil, cutting costs for your project.

- Wall stencils can be applied to any flat or lightly textured surface. (Our creative customers have also used our stencils for decorating fabric, furniture, and more!)

- Wall stencils are the best solution to build all-over patterns on spaces with a large surface area.


- Requires some extra tools to be able to accommodate this project, including paint rollers or brush and drop cloths to protect your floor and furniture. 



- Used to decorate walls, glass, and other flat surfaces.

- Our decals are made of matte vinyl to ensure a cohesive painted look.

- Only requires masking tape for installation (You can also include this with your order on our website.)

- Average installation time only takes only 10 minutes.


- Decals are not reusable.

- Colors are limited to those we provide. (Fear not- we have a wide selection! Be sure to check out our color chart to see what's available.)

We hope we've given you a better idea of ways to facilitate your project! Of course, let us know if you have any additional questions and we will be more than happy to help! Just visit our contact page in the navigation bar and let us know how we can assist you.

So are you ready? We look forward to starting your transformation with our wall stencils!

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