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Most Popular Wall Stencils

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Most Popular Wall Stencils | StencilsLAB

Most Popular Wall Stencils

The spring is at the door and we want to immerse ourselves in the surroundings of the awakening nature, just to breathe in its freshness and to accept new challenges with all renewed vigor!

If you wish to make your home really warm and fresh, we offer you our guide to reusable wall stencils. You may use any wall stencil patterns for your home decorations, but for your convenience we have marked out the most trending and popular approaches of the season:

Geometric wall stencils

The history of geometric pattern popularity in decoration started as early as  1960. That year, the geometric patterns in decoration got a new wave of popularity due to the use of bright colors and tinctures.

The eurhythmic geometric patterns visually enlarge your home space, and  bright colors perfectly emphasize your walls. The decorative ornament pattern may vary greatly – the interlocking rings, rhombus, triangles of different sizes, rectangles – all of these motives and patterns are available in our dedicated website section. Using wall stencils for your home decorations is a very elegant and inexpensive way to renovate your surroundings and create a vernal mood at your home.

Allover Wall Stencils

chevrone wall stencils | StencilsLAB



Floral pattern wall stencils

Floral pattern wall stencils have been quite popular for more than a year and their popularity steadily rises each season. Floral wall stencils will most certainly look great on your living room, bedroom, and bathroom walls – just exactly in those places where you want to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. By using sober colors in your walls painting, you will easily achieve the desired result with our floral wall stencils.

Floral Wall Stencil | StencilsLAB

Large Floral Wall Stencils | StencilsLAB

Floral Pattern Wall Stencil | StencilsLAB



Mandala Stencils

Mandala stencils is a new popular trend in decoration. It is a stencil pattern inspired by oriental motives combined with geometric and floral shapes. Judging by our customers’ reviews, we can confidently declare mandala stencil to be one of our company’s most popular stencil. Each of these mandala wall stencils is unique, combining geometric patterns clarity and the pristine floral motives’ beauty.

Medallion Wall Stencils - Wall Stencil | StencilsLAB


Mandala Furniture Stencil - Wall Stencils | StencilsLAB

Floor Mandala Stencil - Wall Stencils | StencilsLAB


Using softened shades, you will create a relaxed atmosphere in your room. However, if you would like to draw attention to the wall, floor or furniture, you can use brighter shades.

Do not forget, however, that we will be always happy to create a customized stencil for you if any of our available wall stencils are not to your liking. Our wall stencils are made of a high quality material, and they are perfectly suitable for floor, windows, textile products and fittings decoration, even though their main purpose is wall painting. You can read more about stencils application in our article “HOW TO STENCIL”.

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